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Android Wear smartwatch suited for the runners

The first truly fascinating Android Wear device on the market was the original Moto 360 and it remained one of the best smartwatches until the 2nd Generation of wearable devices arrived on the scene. To answer to such threat, Motorola revealed the Moto 360 Sport, a fitness-friendly version of the original Moto 360. It is available through Motorola and Amazon for $299.99 in Flame Orange, White, and Black color options.  Moto 360 Sport essentially has mostly the same components as original, but with a different display, design and improved software features. The real question is how is the Moto 360 Sport different from the original Moto 360?


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With its sweat-resistant rubbery feeling material and adjustable silicone strap, Moto 360 Sport is perfect for workouts. Clearly, the ‘sport’ in its name appropriately describes the smartwatch’s general design style, but there is no significant increase to its water-resistant properties. The company abstains users from exposing it to water or swimming,  but with IP-67 certification,  they ensures that it will persist the most intensive workouts and activities. The Moto 360 Sport features a heart rate sensor on its underside, a physical button in the 3 o’clock position and a built-in microphone. Fitness enthusiasts will unquestionably adore the sporty design, but it’s quite frankly limiting, such styling is only for a specific group of people.



The display turns out to be a 360 x 325 LCD panel with a practical pixel count of 264 ppi, fully effective in reading out small text on the screen. Thanks to unique “anylight” display, Moto 360 Sport has perfect visibility outdoors; unfortunately lowly viewing angles harshly dull down the brightness and colors. Due to the strong contrast of the screen, the novel technology behind the display keeps it visible in direct sunlight, ensuring that visibility isn’t compromised. Low light doesn’t pose any issues with visibility, but the poor viewing angles causes everything to appear dull.

  • Motorola Moto 360 Sport
  • Product Dimensions 1.6 x 0.5 x 0.8 inches
  • Display: AnyLight Hybrid
  • Classic round design, with edge-to-edge glass and an exceptionally thin bezel

  • Users rating: 3.2 of 5 stars


Moto 360 Sport is an Android Wear watch, so you get a few limited-use apps, notifications and an ever-growing number of watch faces. The custom software here isn’t going to help you if you want to do yoga or swimming, but from the other side, Moto 360 Sport does something unique and that is running. The display is divided into four quadrants: a repeating 60-second timer, steps, heart activity monitor and calories burned. A digital clock is placed in the center of the display while selecting each of the quadrants will take you to that measurement details screen. Selecting the 60-second timer opens a stopwatch, calorie indicator displays your resting and active calories, steps tell you what you managed today in distance and steps, while heart activity monitor measures your heart beats. Moto 360 Sport is equipped with GPS to help measure distance and pace in real-time. GPS finds a signal faster than many competing fitness trackers and does a great job tracking your location. It is clear that Moto 360 Sport is focused exclusively on runners; such design seriously limits its usefulness as a general sport watch.

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Fitness trackers from Fitbit, Misfit and Moov are inexpensive and can track everything from basic swimming and running, to golf and weights training. The run logging app start button is right under the time, and you’re prompted to select various options: outdoors or indoors, to set distances, calorie burn, goals and time. The distance you’ve run is taking up the largest part of the display, with the pace and the time that you’ve run below. In the post-run summary you get distance, time, best and average pace, detailed heart rate information. Moto Body app lets you share the collected data with other fitness apps like Fitbit,Stava, Under Armor, and Google Fit.

Battery Life

It seems that the technology isn’t quite there to keep Moto 360 Sport going for multiple days as GPS puts a massive strain on a battery. On an hour run with the GPS on the Moto 360 Sport’s battery went from 100% to 62%, while the Microsoft Band 2 dropped 15%. Do not expect to get five or six runs out of a single charge; in that sense Moto 360 Sport falls below our expectations.


If you are serious about truly tracing your runs there are some better options out there, but if you just need to have an Android Wear watch with GPS, go for the Moto 360 Sport. It is true that Sony Smartwatch 3 is starting to age a bit now, so there isn’t any competition, but you should take into consideration poor choice of workout software and quickly draining a battery with GPS enabled. Besides that, If you want Android Wear with a clever screen and GPS for tracking basic runs, you’ll be more than happy with the Moto 360 Sport.

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